Nintendo Announces Nintendo Labo Cardboard Kits For The Switch


By: Tyler Miller

Earlier today, Nintendo revealed their new experiment called Nintendo Labo, and it appears to be one of the craziest ideas the Big N has ever conceived, yet at the same time, one of the coolest. Nintendo Labo is a sort of Do-It-Yourself cardboard creation kit that gives you the templates for many different kinds of creations that can be used in tandem with the Switch itself for many different kinds of games.

When Nintendo Labo gets released on April 20th this year, it will release with two different creation kits that Nintendo are calling “Toy-Con” kits. The Variety Kit will cost $70 and it comes with templates for you to make an RC-car, a piano, a fishing rod, a motorcycle handle, and a house, as well as a cartridge that with games that make use of these templates.

The Robot Kit costs $80 and is packaged with a template for pieces of a robot suit that allow you to play as a giant robot in the game that comes with the kit. Nintendo will also be releasing a customization kit for $10 that comes with stencils, colored tape, and stickers for you to decorate your cardboard creations with.

The whole idea behind this is really cool and bizarre, but I’m really excited about this. It just further shows Nintendo doing its thing and creating products that appeal to people of all ages. For anyone who’s interested in getting their hands on the Nintendo Labo early, Nintendo will be holding events in New York and San Francisco.


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