Goodbye NX, Hello Nintendo Switch!


By: Tyler Miller

At long last the day has come. Nintendo has finally taken the lid off of their brand new console, titled Nintendo Switch. 

Nintendo released a three and a half minute video this morning revealing the new system and it confirms many of the rumors that have come out about it throughout the course of the year. The Switch seeks to combine console and handheld gaming into one system that you can take wherever you want.

When you’re at home, you can set the system in its dock and play with the Switch’s version of the Pro Controller. If you’re going to be playing on the go, once you remove the system out of the dock, the game automatically switches (get it?) from the TV to the Switch itself for portable mode, allowing you to play without interruption.

The system also has new controllers called the Joy-Con controllers. They’re on both sides of the system and are removable, that way you can set the system down and play with just the controllers if you wanted, or play games locally with another person using one of the Joy-Con controllers. It’s pretty neat to be honest.

Aside from the awesome looking system, some of the other highlights of the trailer were the seemingly stealth announcements of a brand new 3D Mario game in the vein of Mario 64, and Skyrim coming to the Switch! Finally, the footage ended with a launch date of March 2017, so we don’t have to wait too much longer for this system to be in our hands.

All in all, I think the Switch is going to absolutely amazing and a great new way to play games. I was expecting Nintendo to disappoint me, but boy did I underestimate them this time. If I have the money and they bring the games, I definitely would like to get one of these for myself.



4 thoughts on “Goodbye NX, Hello Nintendo Switch!

  1. gabriel paredes

    the computing power is going to be a real issue if they want to run games that they had in the trailer, the ram that has been speculated for it to have wont be very great at pushing the graphics that are required for it to have, 2. battery life might not be very long , the screen seems giant to the tablets proportions and its going to have to power blue tooth or something to connect to the controllers when its not docked and to add head phones in that will take a huge chunk of power,3. with all this happening heat is a real factor, the ds mostly dosent have this problem because of short battery life and its not graphically pushed as hard


  2. I love the idea of the Nintendo Switch, and I’m very much looking forward to getting my hands on it come March! The Joy-Con controllers are great ideas, and I can’t wait to see what more you can do with them. I like the Joy-Grip controller, but I also want to hear more about that actual Pro Controller that they displayed for a brief second. There’s a lot to get excited about!

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    • There really is! I have a few concerns such as the battery life of the Switch and just how comfortable it’ll be to use the Joy-Con controllers horizontally since they look fairly small and the buttons are pretty close together. Regardless though, I’m pumped for this to come out!

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      • I know, right? It looks smaller than any device I’ve ever held, including phones. We’ll just have to see how it handles when it comes out. And I hope the battery life is reasonable. It’s all up in the air until they say anything, it seems. Still excited nonetheless!


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